Synapses: An Exhibition in the Hewitt Gallery of Art at Marymount Manhattan College

August 20- October 30 2019

Opening Reception Wednesday September 25 6-8

Marymount Manhattan College

221 East 71st St, New York

Synapse, a term used in neurology, defines the space from which nerve cells connect to transfer information from one cell to the next. Synapsis from the Greek means to fasten together, to join, or to connect. Synapses is an exhibit that explores the deep interconnectivity between artists belonging to a small Brooklyn art collective, The Gowanus Swim Society. Each member of the Swim Society, (often referred to as Swimmers), explores multiple forms of media and themes, including site specific installation, drawing, design, and video art. The relationship between the Swimmers of GSS and their work illustrates the connections they have with each other both consciously and subconsciously as one of the many outcomes of being a part of a closely tied art community.

Exhibiting Artists:

Jessica Dalrymple

Natalie Fisk

John Fisk

Abigail Groff

Kristen Haskell

Melissa Johnson

Suzy Kopf

Mary Negro

Christopher Dillen Phelps