Who We Are

We are Gowanus Swim Society, a select group of mostly Brooklyn-based artists who meet regularly, exhibit often and provide a forum for sharing information and artist resources. We function as a collective and hold monthly meetings during which we will work together to accomplish common goals, hold one another accountable for personal progress through group crits and acquire new skills from one another. We also host public social events and art exhibitions of our work throughout the year. We are always on the look out for neighborhood happenings and are eager to collaborate with other artists and organizations to work towards common goals.

We accept applications on a rolling basis.

                                Here's a few of us getting ready to take the plunge!

                                Here's a few of us getting ready to take the plunge!

Our Story

Suzy Kopf and Kristen Haskell were walking home after an art opening. They might have had a few drinks. And Suzy turned to Kristen and said “Let’s start a club and have crits and hang out with other artists!” And then Kristen said, “Does that mean we get to throw art parties?” And then Suzy said something that is not safe for web. Gowanus Swim Society was born!


        Suzy Kopf & Kristen Haskell