Native; Solidago Sempervirens
 Jen Dwyer's work analyzes human connections and our fear of the unknown. She uses a broad variety of materials to continuously expand and evolve different bodies of work that include ceramic sculptures, printmaking, photography, drawing and found objects. She is drawn to human emotion in regards to both the attraction to the ephemeral natural world and seemingly ever-lasting technological one. Why people intentionally and subconsciously  accumulate objects and how these relate to our propensity to fear death and our demise, provokes most of the questions in her work. The variety of materials she chooses are used to investigate human predisposition to collect and the anxiety of our own demise.   www.jendwyer.com
Church 3
Peaches and Knives
  Fisk is an award-winning graphic artist who resides in Brooklyn, NY. Receiving training at The Art Institute of Seattle, he has over 10 years experience and is featured in Graphis, Creativity, and Really Good Logos Explained. With clients such as Disney, SiriusXM, and Mattel he pushes forth creativity utilising hand crafted mediums with a digital finalization.    http://www.fiskofury.com